Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Question: If a woman uses her mother's last name, instead of her father's, is it prohibited?

Answer: No, as long as she is not denying her own father or her uncles on the father's side.

Question: Is it haraam to relate peoples personalities to their zodiac sign (such as venus, gemini, twins, etc.)? For example, to say that John is a Twin type, and Kathy is a Lion type.

Answer: This implies that one believes that the star signs influence events. It is therefore a lie, and forbidden.

The reason why Astrology is harmful is threefold:
1. It implies that the stars influence events on earth, which is a lie.
2. It is pure guessing.
3. It is a useless activity, because if something is predestined, then it will happen no matter what one does.

Question: Are non-muslims prevented from buying and selling during the Friday Prayer in Muslim countries?

Answer: Ahmad Hajji al-Kurdi (biography) said: "this matter is left to the muslim ruler."