Saturday, October 23, 2004

Doubts about passing gas

Question: Recently every time a lady goes to make wudu, she feels like small amounts of gas are passing. Sometimes she is in the middle of wudu, and she feels something passed so she repeat their wudu 2 or 3 or 4 times. Same when she begins to pray, its hard to concentrate because she feels some wind may pass and she tries to hold it back. Sometimes it does pass and she has to do wudu again or many times shes not sure and then loses concentration because of have doubt. She already has to make wudu at each prayer time due to discharge, she feels very frustrated, what should she do by Hanafi rulings? She can keep her wudu for one prayer time but with difficulty or repeated wudus.

Answer: She does not take another wudu unless she is sure that she passed wind. Doubting does not affect her wudu. As long as she can keep her wudu for a single obligatory prayer, she has to make wudu for every prayer if she is unable to keep it for more than one. She should remember that if she stays patient for the sake of Allah, then she will have reward for that.