Sunday, February 20, 2005

Three divorces, transactions during Friday Prayer

Someone asked: i gave my wife one talaq a while ago..i was understanding i had to give three to complete the divorce..please help me and advice me,can we get back together ..our local imam says its aful one, buts its not mentioned as three..please help me.

Answer: If you only divorced her once, then you can marry her again. If you divorced her three times in one statement or once on three different occasions in her ^iddah period, then you cannot, unless she marries another first and consumates the marriage.

Question: Can u briefly explain the judgement on transactions while the Friday's prayer? How about the 4 shool of thought opinion regarding this topic?

Answer: Buying and selling after the Athaan is sinful, but the transaction is valid (i.e. the goods changed owner) according to most scholars. The Hanbalis said it is invalid (i.e. the goods still belong to the seller, and the price paid to the buyer). The scholars have different saying regarding whcih athan is counted here. The Hanafis said it is the one made after the time has entered (i.e. Thuhr time.)

Question: How about the banking operation that operate during the Friday Prayer. Should it close or not?

Answer: It is an obligation to head to Jumu^ah prayer when the Athaan is made, so one must leave any other activity. Banking is for the most part full of haram at any time, never mind during Friday Prayer.

... and Allah knows best.