Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hindu stories, praying behind innovators, kaffaarah, IVF treatment

Question: If a person quotes an example from another religion to put across his point in Islamic matters is this correct? For example using a scenario from a Hindu Story to say that we should aspire to that level in order to increase our faith in Allah?

Answer: It depends on the context and the content of the story. You must make sure that such stories do not make the impression that a follower of another religion can be pious. Allah only accepts Islam, and worship is only valid from a Muslim.

Question: A group has some exaggerations in their teachings regarding the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Under such circumstances is it allowed to pray your namaaz behind an Imam who promotes these ideas and beliefs? Please quote Hadith and Quran to clarify.

Answer: Prayer is valid behind a sinful muslim as long as its obligations are met. If they believe that Prophet Muhammad was not born from his mother, but was just placed in her lap, then you should avoid them, because the Quran states that he is a human being. This is very serious.

Question: I want to know the amount for a kaffarah.

Answer: The Kaffaarahs are:
  1. For killing a muslim (if it was not on purpose): Free a muslim slave, and if unable, fast 2 consecutive months (if one interrupts one day, then one must start from the beginning).
  2. For breech of an oath: One has the free choice between freeing a slave, or feeding or clothing 10 poor people. If unable to do any of these 3, then one must fast 3 consecutive days.
  3. For Thihaar and breaking fasting in Ramadaan (on purpose with food or intercourse): To free a slave. If unable to free a slave: fast two consecutive months . If unable to fast: feed 60 poor people.
Question: What is the Islamic point of view on IVF Treatment for muslim couples who are unable to have children naturally?

Answer: One should not do this, because it involves exposing ones private parts without necessity. Be patient and supplicate instead. Maybe it would not be good for you to have a child. Some couples wait for several years before they finally succeed through normal means.

... and Allah knows best.