Monday, May 09, 2005

Sin of leaving the veil in public

Question: Hiam asked: I was wondering that if I dont put on a veil,scarf, is it counted as one sin altogether or is it that each time a man see's me without hijab a sin?? Im trying and hopefully I want to wear it soon, but Im always afraid that I would end up taking it off again and it would be considered even more haram for me that way, and I even think that Its better that if I dont wear hijab and Im a good person inside and pray and I love Allah(SWT) and try to obey him as much as possible and ask forgivness, isnt it better that to have a full hijab on and not observe any good deeds or salat and obeyance of Allah(SWT)??

Answer: It is sinful to show anything except ones face and hands. Covering sometimes, but not always, is less sinful than never covering. Showing more is worse than showing less. Leaving prayer is more sinful than leaving the veil, but both are sins, both are blameworthy. The fact that leaving prayers while putting the veil is worse than leaving the veil, while observing ones prayers does not in any way justify leaving the veil. Be careful not to think like this, lest you get problems in your beliefs as a result, which is even worse. You must acknowledge that not wearing a veil when you should is a sin.

I ask Allah to guide us, forgive us, and to give us strength to obey Him in all matters. Aamiin.