Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hadith on abrogation of raising the hands for rukuu^

Question: I recently bougt a book called The Way the Noble Messenger Performedhisprayers by Mufti Jamal Ahmad Naziri.While studying a chapter called ''Abrogation of Rafa' Yadayn i came across acouple of narrations: Abdullah Ibn Masud reports: The Messenger of Allah, SallAllaahu ^alayhi wa sallam, observed Rafa' Yadayn and we imitated him but when he abandoned it, we too did the same. (Bida ,Volume 1 Page 207) Could you check this on authencity? And what is the book called Bida?

Answer: I do not know what book Bida refers to, perhaps if I saw the title in Arabic I could recognize it. It is not clear to me what the intended Arabic word is.

I am not aware of such a hadith from Ibn Masud. What is well known is that he showed how the Messenger of Allah used to pray, and then raised his hands only when starting the prayer.

... and Allah knows best.