Sunday, July 03, 2005

Travel to study

Question: What would advise for someone like myself (a convert to Islam) who would like to study the deen but there is no traditional scholars in my area?

Answer: If you need to study the obligatory knowledge, that is, the things that every muslim is required to know in terms of beliefs and practice, then you must travel to learn if there is noone in the area you live that can teach it. It is not necessary that they are scholars, but they must have learned what they are teaching in the traditional manner, that is, by reading reliable texts with others who have learned in this way. They must also be trustworthy muslims that avoid big sins and do not persist on doing smaller ones to the extent that they become large.

If you want to study beyond that, then you need to go to an area with scholars. There is lots you can do to prepare for that, though, such as memorizing Quran and learning Arabic. By preparing well on your own, you can make the time needed with scholars less. One of my sheikhs used to prepare so well that he would read the text for his sheikh and explain it to him!

... and Allah knows best.