Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why the Hanafi school?

Question: What do you think are the strong points of the Hanafi mathab? What do you think it has to offer over the other mathabs for western converts to Islam?

Answer: You may choose any of the four. However, I chose the Hanafi school, because it has the most developed fiqh. That is, they have more answers to more questions. Especially modern issues. I once saw in a huge Shaafi^iy book called Al-Aziiz by Al-Raafi^iy the statement, "for those who want more details on this, let him go to the books of our brothers, the Hanafis". It is also appealing that Abu Hanifa is a taabi^iy - he met some of the companions. Another positive aspects is that the school is the result of the work of several mujtahid scholars, namely Abu Yusuf, Muhammad and Zufar in addition to The Imaam. You may also add Al-Tahaawiy and others. Another nice aspect is that it is authentically narrated that the Prophet, may Allah raise his rank, praised the Muslim army that would take Constantinople and its leader. This is one of his prophecies, and it is well known that the Ottoman Turks, who took the city, are all Hanafis.

... and Allah knows best.