Tuesday, August 30, 2005

AL AZKAR of Imam Nawawi

Question: Is the book AL AZKAR of Imam Nawawi a good book for dua's? Is this a book only for Shafee (as Imam Nawawi was Shafee) or is it also for Hanafi?

Answer: It is a famous book that everybody reads. Beware, however, that there is a perverted story in available copies which gives the impression that a prophet may harm someone with their eye (hasad). This is kufr (blasphemous) to believe, because it is impossible for a Prophet to be mean and harmful. Hasad, or envious looks, happens when someone sees something he likes and wishes that the owner did not have it, and that he had it for himself instead. This is meanness, and prophets are never, ever mean. The enemies of Islam never tire from inserting herisies in the books of the scholars to make people deviate.

... and Allah knows best.