Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Missed fasting due to childbirth

Question: for 3 years know i have not been fasting as i have had a baby in that month, and till know i have not been able to fast them. is their any thing that i can do so that god will forgive me. and know for the 4th year im pregnet and am going to have the baby in the month of ramadan.Please if their is anything that I can do for this day, like pay money on them or something like that tell me.

Answer: If you did not fast due to post partum bleeding or fearing that the baby you were pregnant with would get harmed, then you do not have a sin. However, you need to make up the fasting you missed when able. Other than that, as they say, the doors of good deeds are many. You should always try to do good deeds, especially in Ramadan.

... and Allah knows best.