Monday, September 19, 2005

Friday prayer and "Zuhr i Ahr"

Question: In my local mosque we are praying Jumuah in this way:

After the Azaan we pray 4 rakat (single set)Sunnah prayer, then listen to Khutbah and pray the Jumuah.

Then we pray again a sigle set of 4 rakats Sunnah. Then we pray 4 rakat (single set) a prayer called Zuhr-i Ahr. Then we pray 2 rakat Sunnah prayer. I wonder what is the prayer called Zuhr i Ahr ? And is it a sunnah prayer?

Answer: I don't know what Zuhr i Ahr means, since I don't know what "i ahr" means. Perhaps they are praying Thuhr as a precaution, fearing that some of the prerequites are missing. This is the habit in some places.

Question: What are the soundest sunnah prayers of Jumuah ?

Answer: There are 4 ascertained rak^ah before it and 4 after it. This is the saying of Ibn Mas^uud. Adding another 2 at the end is the saying of Ali, and Abu Yusuf went by his saying.