Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hadeeths on abu hanifa

Question: I found some hadeeth about Abu Hanifa are these hadeeths Saheeh?

Among my Ummah, there will come a man called Abu Hanifa. On the Day of Resurrection, he will be the light of my Ummah Another hadith ash-Sharif states: "A man named Numan ibn Habit and called Abu Hanifa will appear and will revive Allah ta'ala's Religion and my Sunnah." And another one states: "In every century, a number of my Ummah will attain to high grades. Abu Hanifa will be the highest of his time." These three Ahadith are written in the book Mawdua'at al-'Uloom and in Durr-al-mukhtaar. This hadith ash-Sharif is also well known: "Among my Ummah, a man called Abu Hanifa will appear. There is a beauty spot between his two shoulder blades. Allahu ta'ala will revive His Religion through his hand." These two Ahadith are recorded in "Durr al-Mukhtar."

Answer: None of this is can be authenticated, and Abu Hanifa does not need them; his rank as a scholar is very obvious. The acceptability of following the school of Abu Hanifah, however, is clearly indicated in the Hadith authenticated by Al-Dhahabi, Al-Suyuutiy and Al-Haakim, which means "Verily You shall open Constantinople. Its leader is good and so is that army." Throughout history muslim rulers strove to take this city due to this hadith. They wanted to be the leader that the Prophet blessed. It is well known that Muhammad al-Faatih and his army, who conquered this city, were Hanafis.

... and Allah knows best.