Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The position of the feet in rukuu^ and sajdah

Question: What is the position of the feets when we are in sajdah?

Some people say we have to bring our heels together and they quote a hadeeth which contains the meaning that "Aishah found the Prophet of Allah while he was in Sujood with his heels together." (Ibn Khuzaifa 654 and Bayhaqi 2/u6)

Is this the correct way? or do we have to hold space between the feet?

Answer: This is not something that the Hanafi scholars emphasized a lot. The important thing is to direct your toes towards the Qiblah. Ibn Aaabedeen states it is a sunnah to join the ankles, but suggests that it is so based on the saying that it is a sunnah to do so in rukuu^. Al-Raafi^i in his comments on Ibn Aabedeen's "Haashiyah" questions the correctness of it being sunnah to join the ankles together in rukuu^, and says that it may be based on a misunderstanding.

I do not know of any hadith stating that ankles should be joined in rukuu^. As for the sajdah, there is the hadith you mentioned regarding the heels, but there is another one stating that he was observed placing the legs apart in the sajdah. In yet others it was mentioned that he placed his knees apart and his thighs apart. May Allah raise his rank. All of this is found in "Al-Talkhiis Al-Habiir".

... and Allah knows best.