Sunday, December 04, 2005

Recital behind imam in inaudiable salaah

I read that some Hanafis are of the opinion that it is better to recite sura fatiha behind imam in inaudiable prayer and last 2 rakat of audiable prayer, and that this the second view of Abu Hanifa the opinion of Imam Muhammad.  
The late prominent Hanafi scholar Abdul Hay Luknewi, Zafer Ahmed Usmani is also of the same opinion. 
He is also saying that this was the opinion of Imam Muhammad and one of his student, also he gives a list of hanafi scholars who are of the same view (see the final page in the book in section: recital behind imam)
Why is it then that it is makrooh to recite in any prayer in hanafi madhab?

Muhammad ibn Al-Hasan went back on this view before he died. This is an issue of long debate and conflicting evidences. The bottom line is that it is more precautionairy not to read. The opinions of Abdul Hay Luknewi and Zafer Ahmed Usmani are for themselves. They are, while respected scholars, not imams of the school.