Sunday, January 08, 2006

Death and the grave

1. Ive read in some places that the Prophet (saw) is still alive (also doing salat) in his grave, but then some people say this strictly pertains to his soul in al-barzakh.What 's said about this? Is the only thing he can hear is our Salams which are delivered to him by Angels or he can hear and see from where he is?

2. Can people in grave hear us? I understand there is the Salam you send to the graves, but from my understanding some people say the dead are in al-barzakh and can not know what is going on in the life of the living because they are in a different world.

3. I don't understand the speration of the dead who're in al-barzakh compared to the Prophets and Shuhadas in al-barzakh, whom are said to be alive.

Answer: Take a look here for an article on this.