Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dua request

Question: Can you provide me authentic duaas from Nabi to stay in aafiyah (health)?

Answer: You should make sure to make tahsiin for yourself at Maghrib and Fajr time. Read the three last suuras of the Quran 3 times, Aayatu-l-Kursiy 11 times and say hasbiy-Allaahu laa ilaaha illaa hua ^alayhi tawakkaltu wa hua rabbu-l-^Arshi-l-^athiim. This is what I was adviced by someone who specializes in Ruqyaa and Prophetic medicine, and is based on experience. Never miss it.

Question: allahumma inni as alookal afwa wal afeeyata fiddunyay wal aakhirah, is this also authentic from Nabi?
Answer: It has been narrated, but they say it is weak. There is no harm in it though, it is a beautiful dua. There are others that are very similar narrated.

Question: Also know, Allahumma ghfir lii warhamnii wahdinii wa ^aafini warzuqnii, is this authentic?
Answer: It was narrated by Muslim.
Question: Can we read these duaas in tashahhud as a manner of making dua?

Answer: Yes. Provided that you correctly pronounce the letters so as not change the meaning.