Sunday, January 22, 2006

Re: Bravenet Form Processor Fiqh Q&A

Question: is a marriage valid without presence of a wali for the girl?

Answer: The girl is her own waliy (guardian) if she has reached puberty and is sane. In this case she can conduct her own valid contract without another waliy present.

Question: is a divorce valid if the lady was menstruating ? i heard that it takes effecrt but u keep the wife and then after she menstruates a second time and is pure after that she can be taken back if husband wants to. is that true?

Answer: It is valid, and she is divorced in this case. The option to take her back has to do with what kind of divorce it is.

Question: if a wife forces husband to say ' i divorce u' but inside as they say it its not something they want really does that make it valid?

Answer: If the husband utters the words that makes the divorce effective immediately, then the intention makes no difference.