Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Re: pointing index finger

Question: I did want to request the evidenses used by Imam Abu Hanifa regarding the pointing of the index finger in salah.

I want to know in which early books by Imam Muhammad or Abu Yusuf it is mentioned, because in my masjid nobody is practicing it when i did ask it they said:

Nothing in this issue is related from Abu Hanifa and Imam Muhammed nor Abu Yusuf did mention this issue in his books. They said the later Hanafi ulema like Ali Qari and Ibn Abidin did evidensed.

What did Imam Azam said about this issue and what did Imam Muhammed and Abu Yusuf write in their books about it? And in which books?

Answer: Abu Yusuf mentions pointing in Al-Amaaliy <Haashiyah>, and Muhammad in the book "al-Musabbihah" <Bdaa'i^>. Muhammad said in it that pointing is the saying of Abu Hanifah. Those who denied pointing are the authors of Al-Bazzaaziyah and Al-Khulaasah, and it contradicts both the sayings of the imaams and several hadiths. There is no doubt that pointing is the saying of the school.