Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Re: beard

Question: I know that a majority of the Hanafi Ulema has said that the beard must have a lenght of one fist. Some brother said to me  that some ulema said it is enought to keep it at a lenth at which it covers the skin. (at such a length that you can grab it with the top of your fingers) is this true and which Ulema has said this?
Answer:I do not have any references on this, but I have heard from some Shaafi^iys that it is OK if one leaves what covers the skin's color. Perhaps they said this based on customs today and that the order is linked to looking different than non-Muslims. And Allah knows best.

Question: what is the status of wearing a mustache (without beard) as we seen many muslims do?
Answer: It is not less than makruuh. This is by ijmaa^ (scholarly consensus). Most said it is sinful.