Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Re: imam abu hanifa and hadeeth

Question: Does someone know what actually the amount of hadeeth is which Imam Abu Hanifa has recorded in his books?

Answer: I have never seen a specific number. This would need research.

Question: Does he actually have a own written hadeeth complication?
Answer: No, not that I am aware of, but people narrated from him - such as Abu Yusuf. Abu Hanifa's concern was with fiqh, the meaning of hadith and Quran, and not narration.

Question: Does he has attributed hadeeth complications? and what is the amount? please in detail.
Answer: There are books collecting hadiths that he narrated. The narrations are in the hundreds.

Question: In my country a certain scholar stated that he only had 17 hadeeth some others said he had about 300 hadeeth of which 290 where very weak.
Answer: If they mean that he only narrated these amounts then this is pure fantasy. Someone that claims Abu Hanifa's knowledge of hadith was that poor has labeled himself an ignorant fool. Abu Hanifa was the head of the scholars of Iraq at his time. How could he reach this level based on such little knowledge? Abu Yusuf, who is admitted to be one of the great scholars of hadith, and a mujtahid, considered himself a student of Abu Hanifa and a part of his school. He said that he had never met anyone as knowledgeable about hadiths pertaining to the rules of the religion ( i.e. what is haram and halal, invalid and invalid etc.) as Abu Hanifa.