Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Re: Bravenet Form Processor Fiqh Q&A

Question: I want to know about Tablighs going out for forty days and four months.  Is this something praiseworthy or as some say that it is a bida and that they are astray? Are they sufis?

Answer : There is nothing wrong with going out to make da^wah. In fact, the more the better. It seems that the forty days and four months thing is simply a suggested period, to help people make a commitment. If that is all it is then this is permitted, just like, say, if someone made up his mind that he wants to pray 10 rak^ah nafl every night, or 12 or 16, it is up to him. I do not know if they consider themselves Sufis. I think you'll find all sorts of people among them. Most of them, as I have observed, do not know enough about fiqh and beliefs to be qualified to go out and make teach people.