Sunday, March 26, 2006

Re: Bravenet Form Processor Fiqh Q&A

Question: I have been given some differing opinions regarding smoking, One person says that it is considered haram and another says that it is makruh e tahrima. Can you clarify this for me?

Answer: Smoking is prohibited if you believe it harms you. Many scholar's consider research on its link to cancer as definite proof that it harms. Others do not and say it depends on what the individual himself thinks, and the ruling would be accordingly. I do not think it is considered less that makruuh tanziihiy by anyone, i.e. that it is better not to smoke.
Question: One other question is regarding "sheesha". I don't know whether this is considered halal, if so, what is the difference between sheesha and cigarettes?
Answer: Sheesha is the oriental water pipe by which they smoke tobacco in the Middle East.