Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: sunnah of private parts

Question: Is it sunnah to cut the foreskin of the private part of a man? Please provide the hadeeth for this.

Answer: It is a sunnah in the Hanafi school. Some scholars said it is waajib.
The hadiths as they might be translated are:
"Circumcision is a sunnah for men and a nobility for women." (Ahmad, Tabaraaniy).
"Five characteristics are of The Way: circumcision, shaving pubic hair, removing armpit hair, cutting nails and trimming the mustache." (Bukhaariy and others).

Question: Is it also sunnah for the private part of a woman? Please provide hadeeth.

Answer: There is no difference of opinion that it is prescribed. Some said it is wajib. The Hanafis said it is "a nobility". I.e. something rewardable and good. The hadiths are immediately above.