Saturday, July 22, 2006

3 divorces in one and while in menstruation

Question: Is it true as mentioned in Fiqh al-sunna by Saeed Sabiq, p.63, volume 8, that the divorce given to a pregnant woman will be binding according to all jurists except the Hanafis.

Answer: Absolutely not. This is a Satanic lie. Saeed Sabiq is NOT a reliable scholar. There are outrageous and unislamic ideas in his book.

Question: Is it also true that Ibn Taymmiya has proved Imam Hanbali as having retracted from his original position that 3 talaaks given in one statement or in succession in one sitting constitues one talaak only?

Answer: No, he may have attempted to show this, but this would be as a trick in order to become popular among the general population by giving them a claimed way out in this issue. Based on the popularity gained he would teach them his greeko pagan belief system. His books were forbidden in Al-Azhar until the last century. It is only over the last 100 years or so he has been popularized.

Question: Secondly, if a man says three talaaqs to his wife in succession on the belief that this was the correct procedure as when he was a child he was told that that was the CORRECT AND HALAAL way to divorce, without telling him that it was bidda..and this man upon that incorrect understanding divorces his wife by saying three talaaqs in succession in one sitting only to later realise that the advice acted on was unislamic. What is the position?

Answer: It is bid^ah to make 3 divorces in one sitting, but it is valid. I.e. it is sinful and the 3 divorces are valid.

Question: Now he asserts that he would have not divorced his wife but for the haraam advice given to him by his imams and community..and now he regards it as a divorce of incorrect advice by his imams and family. He also divorced his wife while she was 7 months pregnant. The baby has not been born yet. Can he not take his wife back whom he divorced while 7 months pregnant?

Answer: No. As stated above. A divorce is a divorce. You yourself decided to do this, even if it was based on bad advice. You yourself decided to divorce your wife.

The author said : Surely, Allah must annul the consequence of this action since it was all based on haraam advice to begin with?

Answer: So noone is responsible for his actions if it was based on bad advice? Do you think Allah is obligated to annul the consequences of something? Who would be the obligator according to you?

The author said: Is Allah so merciless that He would not forgive and would allow both couples to suffer due to wrong islamic information? Surely, this is not Islam!!

Answer : Is Allah obligated to give you mercy? Again, who would be the obligator according to you? Also, was it not you who divorced her?

As for following the misuidance of others.... the Quran repeatedly blames the non-Muslims for blindly following their fathers and leaders in religious matters. Prophet Muhammad said that there will be a time when there are very few real scholars, so people will go to unqualified people for fatwa, and they will all go astray. Thus it is not an excuse to follow bad advice.

Now that you found out that you had been given wrong information, you should thank Allah for willing this for you, not reject it! You should thank Him for giving you a chance to rectify yourself without Him being obligated to do this.
The author said: If this is Islam then i have choice..either to follow Ibn Taymiyya's advice in this matter based on hadith or to leave islam as i do not wish to be part of a religion which makes a human ....

Answer: You already out of Islam for even considering the option of leaving it. A belief is someone one sticks to and by considering leaving it, one has already left it. You must come back to Islam by uttering the shahaadatayn, intending to become Muslim again and leave this ugly blasphemy that you have made.

Ibn Taimiyyah's saying is not based on hadith. Moreover, there is not much difference between following Ibn Taymiyyah and leaving Islam, because his books are full of blasphemous sayings, such as the claim that the non-Muslims torture in Hell will end, or that Allah has limits.

As a final advice, the fortresses of Islam are the 4 schools of fiqh and the Ash^ariy/ Maturiidiy school in beliefs. These schools preserve the teachings of Islam as the Prophet taught it. To go outside of these is an invitation to disaster.

Abu Adam