Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Which hadeeth are we following or should we follow?

Question: My question is which hadeeth are we following or should we follow?

Anwer: The hadiths we are following are those that the mujtahid judges are the ones to follow. As non-mujtahid's we cannot make religious judgements based on a hadith we know, because we are not qualified to judge its authenticity, whether there is something abbrogated in its meaning, or not, or what the possible meanings are according to the language of the companions of Prophet Muhammad - may Allah raise his rank. It is only allowed to follow a recognized mujtahid. Basically this means today the four founders of the schools of fiqh, because opening to door for others is nothing but opening the doors for hypocrites and deviants to confuse people. This can be seen very clearly today.