Sunday, October 08, 2006

Re: 60 days fasting

Question: What is the proof from Quran or Hadeeth that one must fast 60 days kaffarah if one breaks his fasting? I heard a Imam on TV say that there is no proof from Quran or Hadeeth to support this.

Answer: The atonement is due if the breech of the fast was complete without any mitigating circumstances. In support of this, Al-Bukhaariy related what means that a man came to Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan and said, "O Messenger of Allah, I have been destroyed!" upon which the Prophet –may Allah raise his rank- asked what was the matter and the man said, "I made intercourse with my wife while fasting". The Prophet asked whether he could find a slave to free, but he answered, "No," upon which the Prophet asked, "then are you able to fast two consecutive months?" but again the man, said, "No." The Messenger of Allah then asked what means, "Can you find what feeds sixty poor people?" but the man answered, "No," once again. Upon that the Prophet –may Allah raise his rank-  remained silent for a moment, and in the meantime someone brought him a large vessel with dates. He said, "Where is the one asking?" The man answered, "I <am here>!" The Prophet said, "Take these and give them as alms <sadaqah>!" etc.