Monday, December 25, 2006

Re: masah over socks

Question: What is the proof that socks allowed for wiping must be solid enough stand by themselves without support, up to the level above the ancle, if left on the floor like shoes?

Answer : What is the proof that they don't? This is the real question. The original order of the Quran is that the feet must be washed. Then it was established that wiping the khuff is allowed by narrations from some 70 companions. Socks are only mentioned in some hadiths describing actions, and are not sayings. There is no hadith saying "wipe on your socks!" that can be generalized. This means that one must take care to ensure that the same circumstances are met, because actions cannot be generalized. At that time (1) they did not have thin socks (2) and their socks were used for travel. Moreover, there is no hardship in removing thin socks. Thin socks are therefore different from several angles, and there is no proof that wiping a this sock is a subsitute for the Quranic order of washing the feet, which must be met.