Sunday, January 21, 2007

Re: tasbihat, dhikr and dua after fard or sunnah?


 When do i need to read my after salah supplications and invocations in the case when there is a established sunnah prayer after the fard prayer to be prayed like in the case of salatul maghrib? Do i need to read those supplications and invocations after the 3 rakat fard, or after completing the whole magrib prayer (i.e. after the 2 rakat sunnah muakkadah of magrib)? Someone said that Ibn Abidin and Tahtawi said so in their books that delaying a sunnah after fard for making tasbihat, dhikr and dua would be Makruh. But i didnt find any proof from ahadith for this. Rather all the hadeeth what i found in this case all indicate to do the Tasbihat and Dhikr and Dua after fard prayers: Even in one hadeeth it says:
Abu Amama (R.A.) narrates from Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W.) that he Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) was asked which dua has the greatest acceptance. To this, he replied that the dua recited in the latter part of the night (Tahajjud time) and after the fard Salaat.
Please give me answer as soon as possible, im a little bit confused.

Answer: After the fard prayer means after the Sunnah Raatibah that comes are attached to these prayers. This is because Muslim narrated that Aa'ishah said that the Prophet -may Allaah raise his rank- only sat for the amount of the saying "Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah. Allaahumma anta Al-Salaam wa minka Al-Salaam Tabaarakta Yaa Dhaa-l-Jalaali Wa Al-Ikraam."