Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wiping the neck

I found the follwing in a article (please tell me whether its true or not what is said in the sources):
Wiping the neck during Wudhu is another Bidah

As evidence we have relied on the following Sunni works:

1. Fathul Qadeer, Sharh Hidaya Volume 1 page 31, Dhikr Wudhu

2. au Jaza al Masalik fee Sharh Muwatta Imam Malik Volume 1 page 34

3. Fatawa Qadhi Khan Volume 1 page 17 Dhikr Wudhu

4. Nayl al Authar Volume 1 page 193 Dhikr Wudhu

5. Meezan al Kubra page 228

Fathul Qadeer:

"To wipe one's neck during Wudhu is an act of Bidah"

au Jaza al Masalik

There is no Hadeeth to evidence the wiping of the neck, which is why such an act is


Nayl al Authar

"Wiping the neck during Wudhu is neither Wajib nor is it a Sunnah"

Answer: In the Ĥanafiy school wiping the back of the neck is mustahabb, but wiping the front, i.e. the throat is a bidˆah, and thus makruuh.