Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nikah done over the phone

Question: Nearly 2 years ago, I met someone over the internet and fall madly in love with him. I am now 19. In January this year, we decided to get our nikkah done over the phone. His big sister was a witness on his side, and My 15 year old brother along with my 13 year old sister. We both said "i * * accept you * * in front of these witness and in front of Allah subana thala as my wife/husband" ever since then we have considered ourselves married. I am now worried, as since then, although we havent had intercourse, my husband has touched, hugged, kissed and caressed me. Is this haram? Am i not married? Cant i re - marry him?

Answer: You are not married. You need to perform the marriage contract in front of 2 male, adult, muslim witnesses, or 2 women with one man. This cannot be done over the phone, because the witnesses need to see who is conducting the contract.