Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Selling as an itermediary at a markup

Question: There is a company which produces downy goods. It's quite famous in our country and is located in our town. They are open for cooperation and have quite interesting proposals for shops all over our country. Is it permissible for us to buy a large amount of downy goods and try to sell to shops with our own bigger price?

My main doubt is that it's better to cooperate with the company itself, and choosing us is not the best solution (our price is bigger and there are no advantages to choose us because we're just an intermediary). But many shops do not know about such opportunity, that's why our advertisement can give clients for us. I'm almost sure that when they become aware about company's proposal, they finish cooperation with us, because we're just an intermediary, and it's not necessary to cooperate with us. So, is it permissible for us or not?

Answer: Yes, provided that you don't lie or do something to mislead.