Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Making sure that water flows on the skin in wuduu' and ghusl

Question: Most of my socks contain polyester. As I understnad, this material does not penetrate water, but because thereis also cotton in them, socks penteate water.

My question is: if some part (yarn) of socks will stuck to my heels, should I try to remove it (because it could be polyester) before wudhu? Is it necessary?

And 1 more question: if something was stuck to my heels, but I do not know whether it penetrates water or not, should I remove it?

Answer: You have to make sure that the water flows over the skin, but I don't see how some yarn could prevent that unless it is glued to the skin. Water is a very thin liquid and penetrates easily.

...and Allah knows best.