Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Miscellaneous sins and permissions

Question: When two matters come to me simultaneously, I make a toss with a coin with the name of Allah, according to the result of toss, I choice one and reject the other matter. That is, I prefer to lottery than logic. Is it allowed in Islam?

Answer: I asked Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kurdiy about tossing coins (any coin) to make a decision. He said "This is a kind of fortunetelling and is forbidden." I would like to add that you should make the decision that is likely best in terms of the religion, i.e. avoiding what is bad, and encouraging what is good (fard, waajib, sunnah, nafl.). If the options are the same in this regard, then ask Allah to guide you to the right decision and do what your heart inclines to. You must not toss a coin with the name of Allah written on it, because this is not respectful to His name.

Question: What is the rules of playing or games as Chess, Card, Cricket etc in Islam?

Answer: The Hanafis forbid Chess, while Al-Shaafi^iy allows it. Card play is forbidden. As far as sports are concerned, it is allowed it the intention is to strengthen the body and one's health, but not as a profession.

Question: Is it permissable to hang Quranic texts on the wall like ayatul kursi and names of Allah and our prophet pbuh ?

Answer: Yes.