Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tahaarah and prayer

Question: How to wash a bucket that got najis?
If the Najis is visible, then you wash it until all traces have been removed. If it is not visible, then you wash it 3 times.

Question: is waxing allowed in islam?

Answer: Hair removal is allowed except for the (man's) beard and the eyebrows. A woman is also not allowed to shave her head.

Question: What is the supplication for making ghusl while taking a bath after menstruation?

Answer: I know of no particularly prescribed dhikr to make during the wash. Note that one should not make dua or mention the name of Allah while in the bathroom - except in the heart alone.

Question: usually i pray salat fajr at home and go to work. is it possible when im at work to wipe over my socks with wet fingers in wudu to pray zuhr, asr, maghrib (after i made total wudu for fajr at home), cause it is difficult to put off my socks, cause i have limited time breaks.

Answer: No, thin socks do not qualify as khuff. See this article.