Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dried mucus from the eyes prevents water from reaching the skin

Question: I did my Wudu, then I prayed and later I looked in the miiror and I saw that stuff that comes out of the eyes still on my skin, so I repeated my wudu and prayer because I dont know the ruling on it. Does that stuff prevent water from reaching the skin? Was my prayer valid? Do i need to repeat the prayer?

Answer: The dried mucus that comes out of the eyes, then dries and sticks to the corner of the eyes prevents the water from reaching the skin. This means that you were right in repeating the prayer, if it was on the skin while taking wuduu'. This is because it is a requirement for the validity of the wuduu' that water flows on all of the face, without even missing and area the size of a hair. ... and Allah knows best.