Sunday, May 29, 2005

Overcoming waswasah

Question: How do I overcome my waswasa? Im always having waswasa aboout ustinja, ablution, prayer and passing wind(which I dont feel). I have been trying to ignore it, But i feel its so hard, Im always afraid, and Im always thinking that may I did pass wind without feeling it, or maybe ileft a spot here and there during istinja and wudu, I cant help these feelings, so I end up doing wudu again, or I end up repeating my prayers often when Im afraid that I didnt concentrate perfectly in the salah, Im scared that it is invalid..How do I overcome this? How Do I make myself ignore it completely?? Im always reading Alnass, and auzu billah mina shaytan alrajim, sometimes it helps but sometimes my waswasa drives me crazy..can u please put a detailed answer on how to ignore it?

Answer: First, you have to learn. You know now that doubting whether you passed gas does not break the wuduu' so you can safely ignore such doubt. As for doubting whether you missed a spot, or a limb, this is ignored also, unless it is the first time it happens, and it is during taking the wuduu'. If doubt happens after the wuduu', then you ignore it even the first time. Moreover, perfect concentration is not a condition for the validity of the prayer. You ignore these doubts then, because the religion tells you to ignore them.

Second, when waswasah comes, say "Aamantu billaahi wa rusulih", translation: "I believe in Allah and His messengers".

Third, keep reading the 3 last suurahs of the Quran 3 times morning and evening.

Fourth, and this is key, ask Allah to support you. Make sure that you rely on Him and put your faith in Him. He is the only one that can truly protect you. Rely on Him by learning and doing the best you can to follow what you have learned, and realizing that it is only by His will that you can succeed in anything whatsoever.

... and Allah knows best.