Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oaths, hijaab, reading worn mushaf, raising hands in prayer

Question: If one makes a nazr(do something if something happens) and is unable to fulfill it. What is the kaffarah?

Answer: The kaffarah of oaths is freeing a slave or feeding ten poor 2 complete daily meals or clothing them. If unable to do any of these, one may fast 3 days. However, whether one should pay kaffarah or do something else depends on the nathr made. For example if the nathr was made to fast a specific day, and one missed it, then one must fast another day instead.

Question: Is wearing hijab or just covering the head in general sunnah or fard?

Answer: It is fard for the woman to cover all of her head and neck except the face.

Question: A bit of leather has torn off at the back of the mushaf. Can I still read the mushaf?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I asked you before about the hadeeth of Ibn Masud on abrogation of Rafa Al Yedain. I asked somebody and he gived me this answer: The Hadith reported by Alqamah in which Abdullah bin Mas?ood said that the Nabi (may Allah raise his rank) observed Raf?ul Yadain and we imitated him and when he abandoned it, we too did the same is correct and can be found in Badaai?us Sanaai? Vol. 1 Page 385. Do you know the book where the hadeeth is recorded in and who is the author? And is the hadeeth classified as Sahih? Also please provide the full Isnad of the hadeeth.

Answer: There is nothing like this through Alqamah mentioned in Badaa'i^. He states, "it is related from Ibn Mas^uud that ...." There is no isnaad, and I haven't found it in any hadith book. What he mentions through Alqalah is that Ibn Mas^uud said he prayed behind the Prophet -may Allah raise his rank, and Abu Bakr and Omar, and they only raised their hands with the takbiirah.

Question: Is the nikkah valid if it was done on telephone? There were two witnesses available on the side of the boy. However, the girl was alone.

Answer: No. The witnesses must be present with them both.

... and Allah knows best.