Monday, June 27, 2005

Dairy products, urine spots, spreading of oily najis filth

Question: Is it permissible to use soured dairy products in baking? I heard that they can contain much alcohol. If it's not permissible, then how should a man act if someone suggests him to eat a pie, where soured diary products were used, but he doesn't know whether they soured so that they contain much alcohol or whether they soured only a little?

Answer: There is not alcohol in dairy products. Dairy products are milk products. As a general rule, if the food you want to eat is not meat, you may assume there is no najis substances in it and eat. This is unless you know otherwise to be true by having seen it added, or have been told by a trustworthy muslim that najis has been added.

Question: I am very sorry about this question, i know it sounds stupid but i keep imagining that urine has landed on places where i dont remember it landing on. But i tell myself just incase there is urine on it( moshaf and shoes) i wash for ages both of dem and i find it so hard to concentrate in prayer as i fink the urine from my shoes invalidates my prayer although ive washed it lots of times and i find it very hard to read quran. I cant help it and i keep thinking about it. How do I overcome this problem?

Answer: Imagining najis to have come on your clothes has no consequence. You may safely ignore this. Moreover, very tiny drops of urine, she size of needle heads are excused and do not have to be washed away.

Question: If a najis is liquid (but not oil or oily) and less than 1 dirham both in volume or area and weight, if after some time it spreads then what the hukum of Islam is? If that najis is oil or oily then what the hukum is?

Answer: If it was less than a dirham in area when it came on the clothes or skin, then you can still pray, even if it spead over a larger area later. This is only the case if the najis doesn't have a body volume. It is not the case with feces for example. Also, it is oil that is mentioned for this question in the books of the scholars, because one does not expect any other substance to spread over time.

... and Allah knows best.