Thursday, July 07, 2005

Other than the applicant changed a university application letter

Question: In order to go to a British University, one needs to write a personal statement( telling the university about themselves and why they want to study the course). It should be written personally but for complicated reasons my father wrote it for me. Is this cheating bearing in mind the following points

1. Before applying the university said they will give me a place
2.My dad wrote mostly what I had written on a paper but he added some of his own thoughts to it
3. I went for an informal interview and he seemed happy with me and asked me a lot of questions.
4. I changed the course for which the personal statement was written for
5. I would have written a better personal statement.
6. There are no lies in the personal statement.

Answer: As I understand, you were not given anything based on what your father did, so there is not problem. Moreover, you are not responsible for your father's actions.

... and Allah knows best.