Monday, July 04, 2005

Price reduction after completed sale

Question: Is the following transaction permissible:a Muslim has won bidding at an online-auction. A Muslim's brother, who is non-Muslim, was going to go to the seller's city, so the buyer and the seller agreed to finish a transaction on the date, when the buyer's brother will visit the seller's city.After the seller met the buyer's brother, they agreed to finish the transaction a week later, because it was inconvenient for the buyer's brother to pick the computer, which is quite hard, when he was going to visit another city before going home.A week later the transaction was completed (money - to the seller, the computer - to the buyer's brother), but the buyer's brother suggested to lower the price, and the seller agreed (although, I think, the seller knew that the computer can be sold at the price they have agreed earlier).Is this transaction valid? If no, then what should the Muslim do with the computer, if it seems to be that the seller will disagree to take it back?

Answer: After a valid salescontract it is allowed for the seller to reduce the price if he so wishes. The price after reduction is then the actual price of the contract. Based on the above information, this is all I can tell you.

... and Allah knows best.