Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cheating the government for social salary

Question: Some of our married brothers in holland are divorcing on paper for fake (but still living together) to get both a social salary (for a unmarried person the social salary is about 700 EURO) so they will have at least a income of 1400 EURO if both person dont work. But if the man is going to work and for insytance he will earn 1200 EURO + the social salary of his wife 700 EURO so they will have income of 1900 EURO.

Is it aloud to divorce for fake on paper to cheat the government in this way?

Answer: No. If the government there considers this cheating, then it is no allowed. One should not try to get something one does not deserve.

Question: Somebody told me even if you are divorcing for fake in islam matters you are really divorced and your wife is haram for you is this true?

Answer: I can't give a general answer to this without knowing what is being said and written in each particular case.