Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dua between azaan and ikamah

Question: The Prophet -may Allah raise his rank- said a dua between azaan and ikamah will not be rejected.

Somebody told me that the Companions asked what kind of dua should we make Rasulullah SAW? And he SAW said: Ask forgiveness and health (afiyah) in this world and in ahirat.

Is this true? Where is this narreted? Please mention the exactly dua nabi SAW advised.

Answer: As narrated by Al-Tirmidhiy, he told them what could be translated to mean, "Ask Allah for protection from harm in this life and the next."
The famous post-adhaan phrase is, "Allahumma rabba haadhihi-d-da^wati-t-taammah wa-s-salaati-l-qaa'imah...etc. which has many narrations.