Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Friday prayer followed by 10 raka^aat according to Ibn Abidin

Question: I read in Ibn Abidin, in section ''Friday Prayer'' that there a 4 rakat before Jum^ah and 10 rakat after Jum^ah explaining that those 10 rakat have to be prayed in order: 4 - 4 - 2,  the extra 4 rakat he is explaining to be the 4 rakat of Zuhr what according to him have to be prayed as a precaution for fearing that there are some things missing for Jum^ah. And he is saying that one have to make the niyyah for this prayer kind like this: I'm intending for Allah to pray the on time reached but not offered Zuhr Ahir prayer. What is the truth on this? And what is Ibn Abideen trying to point out?

Answer: Those ten are the sunnah of Thuhr, the precautionary Thuhr and the sunnah of Thuhr respectively, but one does not have to do this. This is as a precaution based on the saying of Al-Shaafi^iy and some Hanafis that one cannot have more than one Jumu^ah in one town. If there is more than one, according to this saying, then only the one with the earliest takbiirah for prayer is valid. If one's Jumu^ah is invalid, then one must pray Thuhr. The intention for this precautionairy Thuhr is "I pray the last Thuhr that is obligatory on me that I did not pray yet."