Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sunnah dua in tashahhud

Question: What are the sunnah dua's made by Nabi SAW in last tashahhud? Our Hanafi books of prayer they all state that we have to read Rabbanaa attinaa fid dunyaa.....and Rabbana ghfirlii waliwaideyya...

But i founds nowhere that Nabi SAW used to read these dua's in tashahhud. Well why we hanafees dont use in taashuud duas that are proven sunnah?

Answer: The Hanafi books DO NOT say that you have to say what you mentioned. The sunnah is to make any Duaa'. There is no particular phrase that is sunnah to make, but rather one choses from hadith or Quran as one wishes, or something similar to narrated phrases. One must avoid saying something that resembles ordinary conversation to preserve the prayer from invalidation.