Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Re: masah over socks

Question: Imam Ibn 'Abidin states: "It is also pointed to by what Tahtawi quotes from al Khaniya that anything that is akin to (fi ma`na) footgear in the possibility of extensive walking and travel is permitted to wipe over, even it is from Roman cloth (libd rumi). (Ibn `Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar 1.179, Bulaq ed.)"

So accordsing to this it is permisseble to make masah over socks if they fulfill the conditions of the Khuff, whether these socks are cotton or otherwise

Answer: The khuff worn must be suitable for traveling, which means it meets the following 3 conditions:
  1. Water resistance: its material does not let wetness through to the skin when wiping. Most cotton socks will therefore not be suitable.
  2. Firmness: if placed on the floor like a pair of shoes, then the khuff stands by itself unsupported. This includes the part going up the shin until above the ankle (i.e. it remains upright, like the leg of a leather boot)
  3. Suitability for walking: they should not be made from iron, wood or glass, since one cannot walk significant distances in these.