Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Re: woman prayers

Question: In my local masjid in the month Ramadaan the woman are coming to pray the Taraweeh together whith the men's (of course upstairs). Is this aloud and proven from sunnah?
Answer: It is better for women to pray at home.
Question: The narrations of Imam Muhammed in his Muwatta are they Naawadir information?
Answer: Yes, but all that means is that it is not narrated from him in a mutaawaatir fashion (in masses from generation to generation.
Question: Is it aloud for woman to go Jumuah and Eid prayers? Is this proven from sunnah? What is the position of the Shafies?
Answer: It is makruuh in the Hanafi school unless she is extremely old, like 80 or more years of age.