Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Re: saying: Bi hurmati

Is it aloud to say in duaa:
"by the sanctity/honor of so-and-so in Your presence" (bi-hurmati / bi-jàhi fulàn).
Like saying ''Bi hurmati nabiyyina Muhammad'' or ''Bi hurmati al Quran''
Are these wording allowed in duaa, please clarify whether these words are proven from hadeeth.

It is not allowed to say that someone is in Allah's presence. Presence is a word referring to a place and Allah is not in a place. As for the Arabic "bi hurmati", yes, this is allowed, it could be translated as "by the sanctity of". As for hadith, there is the well known authentic hadith of the blind person which states to say, "bi nabiyyika", which means "by Your Prophet."