Thursday, April 12, 2007

Re: Islam Q

I was wondering what is the ruling on someone who leaves the Salat? What I'm curious about is that I know many Muslims, including family who have Imaan and are Muslim, believe in Allah, but they never observe the salat. They wouldn't be considered kaffirs, would they?

It is not blasphemy if they believe it is a duty. However, if they scoff at it or make fun of it, or shows disrespect to it in any way, then they are not Muslims. This is by consensus. Moreover, many scholars, such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal and some Shaafiˆiys considered leaving one of the 5 prayers out of laziness to be blasphemy ( i.e. even without showing disrespect). This is in disagreement with Abuu Ĥaniifah and the majority of scholars.