Sunday, April 08, 2007

Witr questions

Question: :
1. A brother told me that we must recite the last three Suurah of the Qur'aan: Al-Ikħlaaş, Al-Falaq, Al-Naas in the 3th rakˆah of Witr, Does this have an origin?
2. Also this brother told me that after the Takbiir for Qunuuţ in the 3th rakˆahs of Witr we must not fold hands but raise them like in duˆaa' and leave them them like that for the duration of the Qunuuţ duˆaa'. He told me that this was related from Abuu Ĥaniifah by his student Abuu Yuusuf (recorded in Al-Ĥaşkafiy, Ibn ˆAabidiin) Is this true?

1. You can recite any Suurah after Al-Faatiĥah in all three rakˆahs of Witr Prayer.
2. The Madħhab is to put one's hands like when reciting Al-Faatiĥah in the Prayer. Raising the hands as in duˆaa' is the saying of Abuu Yuusuf and is not the Madħhab.